Tom Fox Announces Relegation Survival Plan and Free Villa Scarves

As most Aston Villa supporters will know, Aston Villa CEO Tom Fox held a meet and greet with eight or so ‘Villa supporter representatives’ before the match against Arsenal.

Fox took the opportunity to announce news like the belated forthcoming appointment of a new chairman and also reaffirmed how great the club’s player recruitment had been over the summer and what a marvellous manager Tim Sherwood was and how he missed him.

What has gone unreported from the meeting though, was instead of taking up valuable time to take any blame himself for Villa’s even sharper decline since he took over as Villa CEO, Fox detailed both Villa’s plan to escape relegation this season and news of a free commemorative scarf for all Villa fans attending the last home game of the season.

Survival Plan

Realising that Villa picking up enough points on the pitch to keep up with their relegation ‘rivals’ is very unlikely in the coming months, Fox detailed a plan that applies reverse psychology to the football authorities action of deducting points from clubs when punishing them.

“As supporters are aware, we were rather unfairly fined £200,000 last season by the FA for our supporters simply celebrating on the pitch after the FA Cup triumph over West Bromwich Albion,” said Fox, at the end of Sunday’s meeting.

“We intend to appeal the decision with the FA and in-light of football authorities fondness for money, we are proposing a points addition instead of a refund of the fine.

“I’m sure to keep the £200,000, the FA can persuade the Premier League to grant Aston Villa football club 10 points to give us a chance of survival this season.”

Working out at £20,000 a point, the Villa board are confident the FA will look favourably on their appeal, which would put Villa on 16 points going into the Christmas period; catapulting them out of the relegation zone and putting them a point above last season’s Champions, Chelsea.

Free Villa Scarves Day

Closing the meeting up, Fox then displayed an overhead projector image of a promotional photo (see below) he took with Randy Lerner of the free scarf that we hopes will win over Villa fans again.

The plan is to give every Villa fans attending the final home of the season against Newcastle – what the Geordie Nation are dubbing ‘Relegation Party 2: The Revenge’ – a free scarf to take away as a memento of an unparalleled season in the club’s history.


Of the scarf, Fox said: “Mr Lerner felt a lot of supporters had missed the sarcasm of the ‘Proud History, Bright Future’ scarf that was given out to fans at the beginning of his ownership of the club, so he thought one with a more truthful message was warranted.”


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  1. behind the jokes is a serious issue. Who was invited to this meeting? I understand not all interested parties were invited and not all invited could attend – the last point is always going to happen.

    But if all parties were not invited, who was able to attend? Was MOMS invited?

    Trevor Fisher

  2. Very funny, are you sure that ten points would be enough couldn’t we just ask for exemption from relegation. I also miss the understated Tim Sherwood and the wit and repartee of the previous manager, whatever his name was.

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