Where Tom Fox’s Salary Ranks Compared to other Premier League CEOs.

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Tom Fox Salary Rank

As per our report on Aston Villa’s May 2015 accounts, which came into the public domain today, Tom Fox’s alleged salary of £1.25m+ was around a whooping 400% increase on his predecessor Paul Faulkner’s package.

No doubt Villa owner Randy Lerner thought Fox was worth it with his previous commercial credentials and he probably thought he could offset Fox’s wage against the immense income that would come the club’s way with the much-improved TV rights deal that all Premier League clubs would be privy to next season. Well, you live and learn.

Interestingly, the Daily Mail today published the below table comparing the salaries of all the current Premier League CEO’s (or top paid director) and considering what Villa’s league position is, Mr Lerner certainly isn’t getting very good value.


‘Top Paid Suit’ Table

tom fox ceo table


Tom Fox ranks as the sixth most well-paid football club director in the Premier League, raking in an income on par with the CEOs at both Liverpool and Chelsea.

It’s an astonishing situation. What was Lerner thinking? And we’re not saying this in hindsight. Villa would have to be gunning for Europe and financially sound for it to make any sense to pay a Villa CEO that amount, and that was a scenario that was always unlikely in the short-term. Also, it’s not as if Fox came to Villa as a wise and experienced football club CEO. He’d never performed the role before.

When you look at the wages of CEOs at clubs that have got their act together in the league despite being perceived as smaller clubs – Southampton, Bournemouth, Watford and Leicester – all are around £145,000 to £500,000.

In the context of both, other club’s CEO wages and Villa’s current performance and results on-and-off the field, it would be hard to justify the Villa CEO’s salary, even if it was half of the present amount.

I don’t get Lerner’s thinking. I really don’t.


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