Villa Paper Wrap: Randy’s Love Letter, Gabby on Gas and Villa Takeover Talks

Bernstein and King Depart

Monday brought us some more drama and a horrible feeling of being completely bewildered. As I looked through the typical Villa news I came across the club’s controversial statement and like every other Villa fan that afternoon, I just sighed and shook my head in discontent. After a matter of weeks, the life-long fan Mervyn King and ex-FA Chairman David Bernstein had both handed in their letters of resignation that were eventually leaked to the national press.

The Mirror reported on another chaotic piece of news that had come fresh out of B6. Just when you thought the drama of the season had ended, we now need to prepare for a whole plethora of mystifying Villa stories and headlines in our papers. The whole affair was met with plenty of theories from Villa fans until the situation was cleared up later in the week. A bit of clarity about the scenario was well received as this boardroom bust-up was apparently due to some uncomplimentary email exchanging.

Trouble for Gabby Again

Gabby has very much lived up to his title of being a Villain through and through in the past few weeks, but it’s clearly the more sinister title and dictionary defined spelling that he’s characterised as the let-down striker ‘strikes again’. After Villa’s 1-0 loss to Manchester United and their impending relegation was finally made official, Agbonlahor was pictured living it up in London on the very same day. The Telegraph reported on how the £60,000-a-week he earns was clearly put to use as Gabby was seen inhaling laughing gas and partying with friends.

The club eventually released another statement as Gabby was suspended and a further internal investigation is taking place. The second of the season for the Birmingham-born man who’s now got more club suspensions to his name than actual goals. The independent used Gabby as a symbol for everything wrong with Villa during our gradual decline and it’s an article that is definitely worth a read.


It’s another week, another Gabby Agbonlahor headline and fans cringe when fellow supporters use him as a centrepiece to represent Villa. So many times in the past journalists would have a whole squad of fairly well-spoken players at their disposal to interview after the game. However, after careless consideration they’d still pick Gabby to give his mumbled viewpoint on the game. I cringed then and I’m cringing even more now.

Randy the Romantic

Randy Lerner finally broke his silence on the current situation the club finds itself in. After the lack of communication that Lerner has provided in the past five years, he finally found it in himself to speak out. However, what he actually said wasn’t received well at all by the Villa Park faithful. Put it this way, they weren’t exactly romantically nourished by reading his ‘heartfelt’ letter.

Our trusty writer Finn at MOMS managed to structure his rage in a brilliant open response to Randy and he wasn’t the only one to react to the American’s message. Mat Kendrick from the Birmingham Mail also portrayed his anger on how Lerner’s insensitive and self-indulgent letter has nothing to offer for the Villa fans.

Lerner failed to give any insight into the two recent resignations, had no clear message about the sale of the club and definitely had no sympathy for the 500 who recently lost their jobs at Villa Park due to relegation cutbacks. He took the blame for the club’s decline but this letter certainly summed up his dreadful tenure at the club.

Okore Refuses to Play

With Villa Park and Bodymoor Heath fiercely competing with Walford and Coronation Street to be the main settings for soap drama, we should come to expect more and more controversy to be revealed to us in the next few weeks. This week’s script and story have been kindly concluded by the Express and the Guardian, giving us an overview of Eric Black and Jores Okore’s shocking break-up.

Firstly, I can definitely see from Okore’s point of view and he can justifiably get angry at Black’s team selections considering the other first-team options. Okore works hard in training, doesn’t make headlines (until now) and hasn’t been as poor as the majority of other defenders.

If Lescott is getting a game ahead of you, after he’s been mocked and goaded by the fans every week, you’d be pretty annoyed. However, simply refusing to play for the club wasn’t well received by fans at all and even though he’s frustrated with Black he should have realised that his actions may not have been the best thing for fans to see at this present time.

Villa Takeover Talk Triple

The season for takeover talks and fans dreaming of a healthy billionaire buyout is here as three main parties were linked with the sale of Aston Villa. Firstly, the Birmingham Mail gave us an overview of some recent Chinese whispers about a bid from the Wanda Group, owned by Wang Jianlin. Then, the Express gave us another story about a Villa supportingUK/European consortium leading the charge to buy the club whilst £35bn buyer Larry Ellison is trailing behind. At the moment it seems the European bid that seems to have the most heat at the moment.

We’ve had some hints that a takeover deal is actually going through and fingers crossed we can get it wrapped up quickly. At this point in time, the press seem to know as much as the supporters do.


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  1. Where to start ?? When Muppets are lead by Muppets trained by Muppets and their actions top to bottom confirm their Muppets well they must be Muppets ,the wheels have really come off now ,someone has to select a eleven (note not a team)to walk around for 90 minutes in our colours that’s his issues ,but I cannot at any cost condone a squad member being a childish Muppet throwing his dummy out and saying he doesn’t want to be considered and as for that other simpleton (G A) no surprises there he’s always been a Muppet .So where to finish after today’s episode I console myself in thoughts of us winning and relegating Newcastle o boy the songs of how crap are you will ring out well echo around our Villa park so again as always stay loyal to yourself keep the faith and Villa till we die .

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