Four Fantastic Sure-Fire Ways to Get the Villa Park Atmosphere Back

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We know that once they ripped the seats out of the Holte End, back in the day, that the atmosphere at Villa Park  might not be quite the same again. But all is not lost. We can get the atmos back – louder and prouder. We’ve just got to think a bit bigger and ‘out of the box’. First, you must embrace the idea of  Villa’s lions mascot, then you can apply these four winning ideas to get Villa Park rocking again…


1. Up-sizing inflatables

Inflatables have long been a staple of crowd fun at football matches and music concerts. Granted, you can probably have the same amount of fun, more cheaply, by trying to keep a simple balloon in the air, but lets take it up a few notches. Embracing the Villa lion, MOMS has located this 25ft tall inflatable fierce giant lion (see below), perfect for the Holte End to scare opponents shitless! It’s in America, so maybe we can get brother Tom Hanks to pay for it and  to ship it over for us.



2. Bring Alex McLeish back to Villa in a new role.

Since Randy Lerner hasn’t brought in American-style cheerleaders to warm up the crowd (the Cleveland Browns were actually one of the few NFL teams without them), maybe it”s time to embrace the Villa lion in a more literal fashion. Going to the circus when we were kids, was always fun and put us in a good mood. Most people’s circus highlight had to be the lion tamer working his magic with a cage full of lions. As luck would have it, I recently stumbled on this picture below…


Has Alex McLeish finally found a new job? If he has, maybe Randy should give McLeish one more chance at trying to contribute to the Villa Park atmosphere!


3. 19 fancy dress matches at Villa Park with extra season ticket pack freebie

The last game of the season, where the fan’s tradition is to come in fancy dress, always brings a great and sometimes surreal atmosphere to Villa games. What if  Randy Lerner could make a little investment and as part of the season ticket bonus pack of freebies, the club could include one of these inflatable lion suits to wear at games?


Like a life vest on an aeroplane, it could be attached under your seat at Villa Park, just pull a cord to self-inflate and then put it on before the game kicks off.  Any team, turning up to play at Villa Park, would look around the stadium and see themselves surrounded by thousands of lions. Three-points for the Villa,  pretty much guaranteed every time!

4. Delux designer toilet roll

Actually, this is more for Villa away games. The throwing of toilet rolls was a fun tradition of the terraces that seems to have been lost in recent years. Well, on discovering there is a company that actually does fancy lime glow-in-the-dark toilet paper to match Villa’s former alternative away kit, now seems like a great time to bring the tradition back. They also do claret and sky blue rolls for home games. Result.


If you have any other crazy ideas, the more surreal the better, please add them in the comments below with any links to photos. Any good ones, I’ll add to this post.


PS – ‘A Venglos View’ is a MOMS column of a satirical nature. You have been warned!

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