Villa Park Average Attendance Slips Under Premier League Average

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That’s Entertainment?

With 56% of the 2014/15 season played out – that’s 220 of its 380 matches – the question of attendances sees further proof of Villa’s recent worrying and unchecked demise.

Much as been made of Villa’s lack of goals this season with 11 in 22 League games. When teams like QPR and Stoke have scored over twice the amount of Villa’s goal tally, you know you’ve got a problem. I mean, who wants to watch that for entertainment?

Throw in the slow burn effect of Villa’s record tally of home losses in a two-year period with 19 home defeats (an unbelievable figure) under Lambert, and there’s no surprise that gates at Villa Park at starting to dwindle.

Villa Park Average Attendance

Villa currently are 11th in the largest average attendances for the Premier League


premier league attendance table


Until recently, after a decent Christmas gate against Sunderland and the standard close to capacity crowd against Liverpool, Villa’s average attendance was even below Leicester’s, which considering the Foxes’ stadium capacity is 32,500 is a miserable statistic.

At 32,238, Villa’s current average attendance is below the overall Premier League average of 32,654.

There’s worse though… at 75.3%, Villa Park has the lowest fill rate of any Premier League stadium. Only Sunderland at 87.3% have a fill rate below 90% in the Premier League.

In short, despite having the 7th largest stadium capacity in the league, Villa with only the 11th highest average attendance, are seriously under-performing and the blame for that is squarely at the feet of Lambert and ultimately the Villa board.

Villa supporters are voting with their feet and that’s the biggest demonstration of unhappiness in the custodians of their club that they could ever make.


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