The Villa Park Streaker


Does his on-pitch protest top the Everton fan recently hand-cuffing himself to the goalposts? Considering it was around zero degrees C, I think so.

The fun of the Villa Park streaker protest soon turned sour though, when the streaker, Sam Gorman, was hit with a £1000 and placed on the sex offenders list (As MOMS advised his friends, he needs to fight this, as it could impede him seriously in the future for getting jobs etc). No doubt there was a banning order thrown in for good measure.

Whether a Villa Park streaker is your idea of a ‘McLeish Out’ protest or not, isn’t the punishment a little over the top – he’s a prankster, not a ‘sex offender’.  As well as protest, he did liven up another yet dull Villa performance after all.



PS – Can anybody recall any other Villa Park streakers?