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Real Horrorshow

You may think that Villa played twice in the last few days but you would be wrong. That wasn’t the real Villa, it was just a ghost. The fans rightfully let their feet do the talking against Man City and Villa Park has become a forsaken place.

The evidence has been there for some time that a horrorshow had begun at Aston Villa, and this week only went to show how bad the slow death of the club has become. The sheer number of empty seats at our club’s home ground on Saturday signified the scale of the disaster that has been inflicted on Villa fans by the inept board.

On the pitch the horror was evident too. Our defence were too easily torn asunder and Aston Villa’s penalty hoodoo continued as poor Raheem Sterling was upturned by some invisible force. It certainly could not have been as a result of contact from Leandro Bacuna, as he has never managed to get within three feet of an opposition attacker. It was definitely one of those Villa park ghosts, the only real spirit on the Villa park pitch all season.


As terrifying as Saturday’s massacre was Villa were gifted a more relevant chance to prove themselves, this time with three points on the line against West Ham. Instead, deja vu reared its ugly head and Villa’s misery continued.


AGAIN a penalty call was ignored by officials. A moment of stupidity later and Jordan Ayew was given his marching orders for a needless elbow that achieved nothing but to further doom his side and his reputation (he will now miss Villa’s next three games). From there on in there was little the rest of the team could do to keep hopes of a win intact.

The once healthy body of Aston Villa club is decaying. Scarier than any on field failures is the fact that the men who are choking the life out of the club, murdering it in broad daylight, are getting away with it unscathed and unpunished. January brought a chance to attempt to revive this claret and blue patient. Instead the board simply denied any wrongdoing,  all the while digging a hole for the club.

Toolless Doctor Garde

“Look” they proclaimed “we hired a doctor to heal these wounds, everything will be ok”. What they failed to admit was that they had taken away his tools. Promises of shiny new operating equipment proved to be lies and the newly appointed French surgeon was left with only useless archaic tools that few could do anything useful with, and a sense of betrayal that the fans were already suffering from.

And so modern day Aston Villa seem doomed. All we are left with is memories of something that used to be fun, full of hope, and full of promise. 


Aston Villa Football Club is not dead yet though. As faint as it is there is shallow breath in its lungs. There is a slow beat in it’s heart and there is an extended family willing to fight for it and nurse it back to health. It may be some time before Aston Villa is back in the big leagues again but it can get there. Unfortunately the revival can’t begin until the clowns in charge of the club are exposed and removed.

It’s the Championship for Villa. To expect anything else at this stage is near delusion. Some massive issues need to be fixed, starting at the top. As I said, this club needs major surgery. It needs to walk again before it can run. Let’s just hope we can wrestle it from the shackles of it’s current captors before it’s too late.

UTV, VTID, – Give us back our club

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