Villans Needed to Add Their Voice to Football’s Biggest Supporter Survey

What Do You Think?

One thing that has often surprised MOMS since it started is what a passive influence football supporters are in the game they love and spend a lot of their hard-earned cash on.

On the whole, supporters seem happy to let the business men run the game and their clubs without really questioning them. It seems a rather short-sighted approach. After all, players, owners and Villa boards will come and go, the only thing that is constant is a club’s supporters.

From a Villa point of view, it seemed fans just haplessly let things play out and then moan about them later, rather than trying to be more actively involved in the actual decision-making progress where their opinion can be constructive and useful (at least the event of the Fan Consultation Group has redressed the balance a little).

The sole reason My Old Man Said was created was to help raise awareness of supporter issues that Villa supporters should have knowledge of and a voice in.

The very least a supporter can do is at least get their views across when either their club or an organisation like the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) asks for their input.


The FSF has just released a new comprehensive survey for 2017 to help them shape their activity over the coming seasons in the best interests of football supporters. Due to it’s in-depth nature, the survey will take a few minutes to complete, but at least it is time well spent and you’ll know you’ve helped shape their work in tackling ticket pricing, TV rescheduling, policing, safe standing and the overall lobbying of the active interests of football supporters.


Please click the link below to complete the survey.



Click here to take part in the 2017 National Supporters Survey


Read the results of the 2012 National Supporters Survey

It’s free to join the FSF, don’t forget to select My Old Man Said as your group, if you do sign-up.

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